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EFI Scan Tool Diagnosis

The electronic diagnostic Scan tool is connected to the vehicle’s computer. It will examine and display any recorded error codes within the vehicle’s monitoring system.

Engine check lights can also appear accompanied by the engine going into a limp home mode (normally displayed as a picture of an engine on the dash). This indicates that there is a problem with an electronic component, sensor or ECU (engine management system).

We will diagnose this issue and have you back on the road as soon as possible. In sticky situations, we have access to external experts, if necessary.

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Car Service from $220*


  • Lube
  • Under bonnet level checks with full report
  • Correct Oil and Filter Change
  • Under vehicle level checks with full report
  • Full safety check with full report
  • *Conditions apply

Car Air Conditioning Repair

Stay cool this summer! If your car air conditioner:

  • Isn't cooling down your car
  • Isn't running efficiently
  • Hasn't been serviced recently
  • Needs a rego
  • Smells bad or sounds unhealthy

It's time to book in and get your A/C repaired. Keep your family cool and comfortable this summer.

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